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Rental Property Management takes the headaches out of owning rentals and investment properties so you can live life and allow us to manage and service your investments then send you a check each month.
We are here to make life easier for our clients and enhance the quality and ease of life through our services by allowing you to enjoy the ownership of investments properties. We offer full-service property management services across the state of Louisiana.

It has come to our attention that someone is using our properties in order to solicit money from people by saying they are associated with us. Make sure you are working directly with us and that the listing is from our verified websites. We do not post our properties on Marketplace, and our representatives DO NOT communicate through their personal pages. We will never ask you to send money through any apps such as CashApp, Venmo, Paypal, etc. All funds must be made out to “The Rental Association” and not to an individual. If anyone is requesting money through a personal portal, it is a scam.

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We specialize in rental property management. We manage and service properties all across North Louisiana including single family houses, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, restaurants, office buildings, and HOA's.

Our clients come from all parts of the world but have properties that require our services in the local area.

Our system attracts and allows our clients to keep a close watch on their interest through our online portals. We offer access to your properties online from any device as well as the option to conduct business and meetings without ever being in the same room. This is all done with electronic documents and online meeting platforms we offer. This transparent portal gives each client open access to financial reports, rent rolls, work orders, and other important data related to their investments. Best of all there is no extra charge for any of this. It is all included in our monthly management fee.

Why do tenants like our system?

Simply we give options and service they want in this fast-moving world. We offer tenants an online portal to fill out applications, view properties, pay rents online, request maintenance, and much more. Instead of leaving a voicemail, mailing a check, or driving to an office the tenant has the ability to do anything and everything on their computer or mobile device.

What is new?

With every business, things need to be adapted and changed to fit the needs of the business and your clients. As we have grown we have found a major need to do more inspections of properties both inside and out. We have now hired individuals whose sole responsibility is to inspect properties and look for issues that need to be addressed before they have a chance to become a major problem. With this, we have also added a system to take notes and pictures of each property as it is inspected for future review and documentation. This again is information that our clients will have access to as they wish at no additional charge.

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